Thursday, February 27, 2014

What is Morning Earth Korea?

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Someone once said that Korea’s greatest treasure is its people.  They have endured the ravishes of war, the uncertainty of peace and have built a South Korea that can boast great progress at all levels of society.  Perhaps the greatest of these is least known to the outside world - Korea’s Intangible Cultural Assets and other outstanding artists who preserve, strengthen and enhance the arts of Korea. Their contribution to the continuation and strengthening of Korea's beautiful culture is immeasurable.
Morning Earth Korea's original focus was ceramics.  We have provided workshops on aspects of Korean ceramics to more than 3700 artists and teachers from at least 35 states.  In addition we have hosted ceramic tours for more than 200 guests from nearly 25 countries.  In 2010 we turned our attention to Korean tea and tea ware by developing the company Morning Crane Tea.  Morning Crane Tea is slowly becoming recognized as one of the go to sources for Korean teas of exceptional quality and rarity.       
Our work is a multi-faceted approach to raise the consciousness of the Western world to the wonders that are found in Korea.  Our primary focus has been ceramics and tea believing that the mutual symbiotic relationship between them lies at the center of Korean culture.  But we are not limited to either ceramics or tea.  We simply want to introduce you to those aspects of Korean culture that interest you most.    
Morning Earth Korea provides workshops for conferences, universities, schools, artist groups and others.  We act as consultants on grants related to Korean arts and culture. We also produce videos as well as informational portfolios and other publications.  In addition, we have established blogs and websites that begin to introduce selected aspects of Korean culture to the outside world.  As a part of our work we develop and often host theme tours throughout Korea. 
We can help you design private, family, school or company tours based on your particular interests.  
We promote and sell Korean tea and tea ware to help promote the artists and tea producers of Korea.
Now we are embarking on an exciting new project providing the opportunity for artists and teachers to work in Korea with well established Korea artists in their studios. 
Teachers and artists who have experienced our workshops have said our tour experiences are unparalleled.   Experienced travel professionals have called our tours, “... the most cultural rich tours available.”  Even so, we work to keep our prices as reasonable as possible.  We encourage you to contact us to discuss your thoughts about visiting Korea.  What about Korea interests you?  Contact us.    
What are these tours like?  One guest who was born and raised in Korea exclaimed on one of our tours, "I am really experiencing Korea for the first time in my life".   
Join us for a Morning Earth Korean adventure and experience Korea for the first time.  Even if you have been there before, a great Korean adventure awaits you when you plan your tour with Morning Earth Korea.
Then remember that Morning Earth Korea is multi-faceted.  What way(s) do you want Morning Earth Korea to help introduce you to Korean culture? Let us know.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Morning Earth Korea

When first light begins to cast long shadows across the peaceful mountains of Korea and a the golden sky reflects on a tranquil lake, you know instantly why this beautiful land was once called “The Land of the Morning Calm”.  Morning Earth Korea wants to help you capture that moment and more in this serene yet amazing land called Korea.
   To this end, Morning Earth Korea designs exceptional and personal arts and culture tours to Korea.  Our tours take you to the studios of outstanding artists from many disciplines whose classic and contemporary insights enlighten us and help forge the path for their art.  In addition, we try to schedule our tours so that our tour participants can witness one or more of Korea’s excellent festivals and take you to Korea’s culturally enriching places as well.  Our goal is for each participant to touch the heart of Korea’s wonderful, vibrant and spiritual culture through arts and cultural activities.
   Our purpose for designing and providing these tours is simply to introduce you to the Korea we found in our many travels there and have come to love.  During our more than thirty years of cultural research and travels to Korea we originally focused on Korean ceramics.  Because of the natural connection of ceramics to many other aspects of Korean Arts and Culture we have broadened our interests and commitment to introduce you to a wider range of Korea’s rich arts and culture community.    That is why professional travel agents have said that our tours are exceptional.  They have called our tours,  "… the most culturally rich tours to Korea ever planned”.  We hope to be able to live up to that reputation.   We want to be exceptional in the quality of the experiences we provide and also reasonable in price.
  You will find Korea an amazing country to visit.  It is rich in culture, strong in character, deep in its spirituality, incredible in the quality of its artists and ready to welcome you. 
   We invite you to organize and/or join a Morning Earth Korea adventure to Korea.  There you will touch the heart of Korea and perhaps Korea will touch your heart in return.
“To read is to know, 
to travel is to understand.”
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